William Harvey Library Annual Report 2017

The William Harvey Library has just published its 2017 Annual Report (GEH computers only), which has been well received by the Workforce & Development Sub Committee. Some highlights:

  • The William Harvey Library is a successful service, having achieved a Library Quality Assurance Framework score of 96.67%.
  • In our user survey we achieved a net promoter score of 45. 59% of respondents were very satisfied.
  • The number of users receiving training or literature searches has increased again. We did 402 literature searches in 2016-17, which is an all-time record.
  • New developments this year include our Discovery Service, user requesting of ebooks and a new security system that will make self-checkout and return of books easier.

Looking forward 2017-2018, we hope to support better access to Trust policies and guidelines and further improve the Library space.