University of Warwick MBChB Reading Lists

MBChB Core Texts

MBChB Phase 1 (Year 1)

Advancing your Practice: Anti-Racism in MedicineBlood, Lungs and HeartBrain and Behaviour
MD10X: Social and Population PerspectivesPersonal & Professional DevelopmentReproduction & Child Health

MBChB Phase 2 (Year 2)

Advanced cases 1Advancing your Practice: Anti-Racism in MedicineStudent Selected Component 1
Personal & Professional DevelopmentSSC1 Bioethics and screenStudent Selected Component 2

MBChB Phase 3 (Year 3)

Acute CareCare of the Medical PatientCare of the Surgical Patient
Child HealthMusculoskeletal HealthcareObstetrics and Gynaecology
PsychiatrySCP – General PracticeStudent Selected Component 2