New books at GEH week commencing – 29th Jan 2024

We have a few new books this week. All available to borrow now from our GEH Library.

An Adult With an Autism Diagnosis A Guide for the Newly Diagnosed by Gillan Drew

The effect of autism on social skills is described with tips for dealing with family and personal relationships, parenting, living arrangements, and employment. Important topics include disclosure, available resources, and options for different therapeutic routes. On reading this book, you will learn a lot more about the autism spectrum at Level 1, be able to separate the facts from the myths, and gain an appreciation of the strengths of autism, and how autism can affect many aspects of everyday life. Drawing from the author’s lived experience, this book is an essential guide for all newly diagnosed adults on the autism spectrum, their families and friends, and all professionals new to working with adults with ASDs.

ISBN:  9781785922466

Foundations for 21St-Century Health and Social Care Theory and Practice for Nursing Associates, Assistant Practitioners, Support Workers and Beyond
Lisa Arai (editor)

Publisher’s Synopsis

This comprehensive text introduces health and social care theory and practice for students studying at foundation degree level, including those on nursing associate and assistant practitioner pathways.

Keeping themes of professionalism and patient-centred care at its core, this text equips readers to deliver effective, safe and responsive care in a wide range of settings. It anticipates future directions for practice and provides readers with skills they will need throughout their careers. Divided into four parts, it explores the foundations of academic study, becoming and being a professional, working with patients and service users and improving services and improving health.

Clearly presented and reader-friendly, this textbook is an essential companion for all health and social care students.

ISBN:  9781032056005

Understanding Young Onset Dementia Evaluation, Needs and Care – Aging and Mental Health Research
Marjolein de Vugt (editor), Janet Carter (editor)

Publisher’s Synopsis

Understanding Young Onset Dementia provides a state-of-the-art overview of approaches to care and evaluation for people with young onset dementia. It reviews the challenges in providing care and services, outlines new innovations in treatment and explores the impact of the condition to offer guidance about best practice in care.
This book will be of great interest for academics, scholars and post graduate students in the field of mental health and dementia research. It will also appeal to neurologists, psychiatrist, geriatricians and psychologists looking to update their knowledge or already working in the field.

ISBN:  9780367568184

Diseases of the Ear, Nose & Throat in Children An Introduction and Practical Guide by Ray Clarke

Publisher’s Synopsis

An essential introduction to the clinical examination, treatment and surgical procedures for children with diseases of the ear, nose and throat. This book encompasses the conditions most commonly encountered in the emergency setting, on the ward and in the outpatient clinic. With its highly practical approach and step-by-step guidance, this book will be invaluable for all surgical trainees studying for higher postgraduate examinations in ENT, as well as an essential guide for otorhinolaryngologists, primary care practitioners and specialist ENT nurses in the early years of training.

ISBN:  9781138579347

Oxford Textbook of Medical Education Kieran Walsh (editor)

Publisher’s Synopsis

Providing a comprehensive and evidence-based reference guide for those who have a strong and scholarly interest in medical education, the Oxford Textbook of Medical Education contains everything the medical educator needs to know in order to deliver the knowledge, skills, and behaviour that doctors need. The book explicitly states what constitutes best practice and gives an account of the evidence base that corroborates this. Describing the theoretical educational principles that lay the foundations of best practice in medical education, the book gives readers a through grounding in all aspects of this discipline. Contributors to this book come from a variety of different backgrounds, disciplines and continents, producing a book that is truly original and international.

ISBN:  9780198785712

Getting Started in Teaching for Nursing and the Health Professions by Judith A. Halstead, Diane McGovern Billings

Publisher’s Synopsis

Make a successful transition into teaching for nursing or the health professions! A concise, practical handbook, Getting Started in Teaching for Nursing and the Health Professions helps you take those first steps in becoming an effective educator. The book provides a foundation for new instructors, with a focus on need-to-know content. It helps you quickly learn and apply strategies for teaching in the classroom, teaching in the clinical setting, using technology to enhance learning, and evaluating the effectiveness of your efforts. Written by Judith A. Halstead and Diane M. Billings, bestselling authors and leading figures in nursing and health professions education, this practical handbook addresses the key topics that concern clinicians or beginning educators just like you.

ISBN:  9780323828987

Empathy Why It Matters, and How to Get It by Roman Krznaric

Publisher’s Synopsis

Influential popular philosopher Roman Krznaric argues our brains are wired for social connection: empathy is at the heart of who we are. It’s an essential, transforming quality we must develop for the 21st Century.

Through encounters with actors, activists, groundbreaking designers, undercover journalists, nurses, bankers and neuroscientists, Krznaric defines a new breed of adventurer. He sets out the six life-enhancing habits of highly empathic people, whose skills enable them to connect with others in extraordinary ways.

Empathy has the power to transform relationships, from the personal to the political. Krznaric contends that, as we move on from an age of introspection, empathy will be key to fundamental social change – making this book a manifesto for revolution.

ISBN:  9781846043857

Get Through Radiology for the MRCS and the FRCS – Get Through by Zaynab A R Jawad, Susan Jawad

Publisher’s Synopsis

An essential handbook that covers the radiological findings of all the common surgical conditions. Candidates preparing for the MRCS or FRCS (in General Surgery) exams will find this indispensable guide will prepare them for a wide range of questions, including rare and obscure examples that are not found elsewhere.

Radiological findings are presented according to systems such as colorectal, upper GI and HPB, urology, emergency surgery and others. Each chapter describes the use of radiological modalities in different clinical scenarios and includes figures illustrating the defining characteristics of common clinical scenarios.
ISBN:  9781032349022

Pathophysiology of Heart Disease An Introduction to Cardiovascular Medicine Leonard S. Lilly (editor)

Publisher’s Synopsis

Enthusiastically acclaimed by medical students and faculty worldwide, this text is specifically designed to prepare students for their first encounters with patients with cardiovascular disease. Thoroughly revised by internationally recognized Harvard Medical School faculty and a team of select cardiology fellows and internal medicine residents, this seventh edition equips students with a clear, complete, and clinically relevant understanding of cardiovascular pathophysiology, setting a strong foundation for patient diagnosis and management. ISBN:  9781975152178

Krause and Mahan’s Food and the Nutrition Care Process
Janice L. Raymond (editor), Kelly Morrow (editor)

Publisher’s Synopsis

Provide optimal nutritional care with the latest guidelines to evidence-based practice! Krause and Mahan’s Food & the Nutrition Care Process, 16th Edition provides an all-in-one resource for the dietetics information you need to care for patients throughout the entire life cycle. With insight from clinical specialists, the book guides you through the steps of assessment, diagnosis and intervention, monitoring, and evaluation. It also covers nutrition in each stage of life, weight management, medical nutrition therapies for conditions and disorders, and the use of nutrition therapies in childhood. From a team of nutrition experts led by Janice L. Raymond and Kelly Morrow, this classic text has been trusted by nurses, nutritionists, and dieticians for since 1952.

ISBN:  9780323810265

The Critically Reflective Practitioner by Sue Thompson, Neil Thompson

Publisher’s Synopsis

This succinct and insightful guide to reflective practice is designed for students and practitioners across a range of professions in the human services – social work, healthcare and related fields. In seven compact chapters, it takes the reader through the main theories and principles of reflective practice, drawing on concepts and findings from across the associated literature. Its clear and careful integration of both the ‘thinking’ and ‘doing’ elements of the complex and often challenging task of practising reflectively makes this an ideal text for students and practitioners alike. New for this edition: New material which covers how pandemic-induced remote working has affected opportunities for spontaneous group reflection. New content which looks at the significance of reflective practice for management and leadership Clearer links across reflective learning, personal growth and spirituality.

ISBN:  9781350335578

AI and the future of education: teaching in the age of artificial intelligence by Priten Shah.

Publisher’s Synopsis

Clear away the fog surrounding AI in education-and regain your peace of mind.

Among teachers, there is a cloud of rumours, confusion, and fear surrounding the rise of artificial intelligence. AI and the Future of Education is a timely response to this general state of panic, showing you that AI is a tool to leverage, not a threat to teaching and learning. By understanding what AI is, what it does, and how it can be used to enhance education, you can let go of anxiety and uncertainty, and learn to embrace artificial intelligence.
ISBN: 9781394219247

Theories of educational leadership and management by Bush, Tony.

Publisher’s Synopsis

This fifth edition of Tony Bush’s bestselling text explores the links between educational management theories and the main models of leadership, and their application to policy and practice globally across varied educational contexts.

This fully updated new edition is informed by an enhanced global perspective and expanded coverage of important contemporary issues including teacher leadership, professional learning communities, transformational leadership, instructional leadership and a critical assessment of distributed leadership.

This is essential reading for all teachers who aspire to management, as well as for experienced leaders on Masters’ level courses, and for those studying school management as part of education degrees.
ISBN: 9781526432131