Library App

All your information needs at your finger tips.Today we have launched our library app.



Requires iOS 8 or later.

Compatible with iPhone.


Requires Android 4.4 or later.

Compatible with Android phones.


Requires xHTML mobile browser.


It is basic at the moment, giving information on opening times, access to services and contact information, but this will develop over time. If you think there is something that needs adding or changing please let us know at or via twitter@gehlibrary.

Let get George Eliot Talking!

Catherine McLaren
Posted by Catherine McLaren at 23/01/2017 15:29:36
Randomised Coffee Trail: Let get George Eliot Talking!   Randomised Coffee Trials (RCTs) are a simple but powerful tool. In a time where we at George Eliot are working digitally more, (whether it is electronic patient records, Datix, or PACS just to name a few digital systems) where the work load and systems can be complex and we are talking to each other less.   We in the want the George Eliot staff to keep talking to each other, to listen and learn from each other….