A day in the life of the Library Services Manager

The daily work of an NHS Library Services Manager is very varied.

I came in at 8.30 to open up covering for staff absence. There were several people already in the Library.

I support the Senior Library Assistant in dealing with queries that need extra input, e.g. locating hard to find papers that have been requested.

We are introducing a new ebook provider (Ebook Central) and so I have been preparing for that. More details will be available when it is launched later this week…

At lunchtime I manned a stall at the induction for new staff, introducing them to the services and resources we can provide. The BNF app was of particular interest.

I took part in a teleconference with colleagues across England on the new NHS Library Value and Impact Toolkit. This will help us to measure the impact of our services and produce relevant case studies of where the library made a difference.

So all in all a varied day, and the new junior doctors rotation starts on Wednesday.