A Day in the Life of a Snr Library Assistant – me


Hello I’m Bev and I’m the Snr Library Assistant in the William Harvey Library, George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust.

This is an account of a random day in my working week. Sometimes my days are busier than others.  Today was one such day.  There are the everyday jobs of course to get out of the way first such as sending texts to our readers with overdue books and checking for new users to Athens.

Being the beginning of November I decided to do a Time Out Book display in memory of Armistice Day and the 100 anniversary of the First World War. We have a few military themed books in the Time Out Collection, which is our non-clinical book collection.  A small round table provided a base for my display.  I printed and laminated some ‘banners’ of poppy fields to put round the edge of the table.  Next I placed a couple of three tier book stands, on top of some laminated sheets of ‘cammo’ print to give the table a bit more of a military look.

Our book supplier Blackwell’s put covers on our books, however there are a few urgent orders which come to us uncovered.  Therefore we have to put our crafting techniques in practice.  Our part time assistant Molly had never done this before so this was a good opportunity to teach her.  What a good job she did of it too!  I was either a good teacher or she was a good pupil – or both!

Today I was also looking ahead to December, where it was decided we should do a Christmas competition for our readers.  The prize will be a £20 book token.  All entrants will need to do is register for KnowledgeShare – for one entry, or do a book review of one of our books – for two entries into our prize draw.  I set about planning a poster for this and the promotion.

I spend my days at the issue desk in the library so through the day I was also on hand to help with inquires at the desk and over the phone.


Armistice Day display