Health Information Week 2018 at GEH

Health Information Week (HIW2018) is a national initiative to raise awareness of health information for patients and those who care for them.

The Library Team supported by PALS held a stall at the Crossroads on Friday 6th July t0 highlight key websites and promote the work of the PALS service. With invaluable help from PALS volunteer Geoff, we chatted to over 75 staff, patients and visitors about how to find good quality and reliable information online.

Many took the opportunity to pick up leaflets on a range of long-term conditions, living well, the PALS service, the Chaplaincy and services available at Warwickshire Libraries.








Some staff even discovered new sources of patient information such as Health Talk.

The Library also took over the regular poster board near the water fountain in GETEC for the week to promote websites where staff and students can find suitable information for patients. The display also included tips and things to consider when writing information for patients.

HIW2018 may be over but the library can help throughout the year with:

  • Sources of patient health information
  • Group or 1:1 training is available on request How to find quality patient health information online


The PALS team also produce a leaflet Recommended Websites for Patient Information which is available on the intranet. PALS can also help if you are writing a leaflet for GEH patients or carers.

Get in touch if we can be of help.