Clinical librarian post- it goes on….

And so it goes on…

Life, work, the to do lists. They never stop do they? I’m finding it difficult at the moment to find time to work on my chartership. Really difficult. There’s just always something else to do, something more pressing. And CPD is always at the bottom of the to do pile. I’m thinking about how best to manage it, and if anyone has any ideas let me know. I have time blocked off in my diary each week, but it almost never happens. I’m thinking perhaps a full day or two, away from the office? I’ll let you know how I get on.

I have been reflecting about the past year, and what I’ve learned, and despite my lack of time for writing things up, I am progressing with my development plan. I’m actually learning stuff on the job. Who knew? Particularly my critical appraisal skills, leading a weekly journal club has forced me to appraise an article each week, and to teach CA. All good. We’ve also set up an informal librarians’ journal club for librarians- OK, there’s only 3 of us, but we regularly get together to appraise an article, and it’s developing our skills, or keeping our hand in with appraising.

So, there have been a few little Brucey bonuses this past few weeks. The lovely Rayanne and I developed a referencing workshop for some staff who’re taking an ILM course. We came up with a few new (to us) ideas, some well-placed tasks, and it was a success. It’s a tricky subject to get across without it being dry, but we did a spot of impact measurement at the start and end of the workshops, and everyone who attended felt more confident by the time they left, so we were pleased. I love referencing, I like the order of it all!  We got some great feedback (see image), and we’re ready to run it again. I’ve also had some interesting searches this month, including trying to find the longest Meckel’s Diverticulum excised, and lots of searches for policy development (as ever!).

Finally, a word about our reading group. I’m totally absorbed by this month’s book- Naomi Alderman’s The Power. It won lots of prizes, and I can see why. It’s compared to The Handmaid’s Tale (how good is season 3!!!), I’ve not finished reading it yet, so the jury’s out, but I’m enjoying it so far.


Have a great week!