Clinical Librarian blog- Libraries Week and a Vision

So this was a whirlwind week! When is it not, I hear you cry. Well, this week was extra whirlwind-y, I tell ya! It started with the most awful drive to work, it took over double the time to get here on Monday morning-I fell foul of the same traffic problems as everyone else, so I’m not complaining, but it did put me on the back foot from the off. My plans for practising a presentation went out of the window, and before I knew it I was at my desk, up and running.

After Grand Rounds and the Controlled Document Review Group Meeting I turned up to the main order of business for this week- presenting our new Library Vision to a select group of GEH people. Slightly nerve wracking, but it went so well. Here it is, in all it’s glory.

We got some fabulous feedback, things to think about, and I didn’t trip up or stutter! I even raised a couple of smiles with my terrible standard jokes (I’ve been cracking them for years, no need to stop now). The challenge to us was how to market our services to the people of the trust who don’t know what we do, or don’t realise that we do things that are useful for them in their roles here. If anyone has any good idea, please let me know, we’re open to all suggestions.

It’s Libraries Week this week, we’ve had a pop up stand in the hospital to let people know what we’re about, and there are some fabulous threads on Twitter about how fabulous libraries and librarians are. My first memories are of the little neighbourhood library we always went to as children, which smelled of polished wood, and had a children’s section that I steadily worked my way through. I used to watch the librarian flick her fingernails through the little card tickets, and always wanted to have a go. By the time I made it into libraries everything was computerised and the little card tickets (the Browne issue system) were no more. I’m still working my way through all the books though… Happy Libraries Week to you all!