Clinical librarian blog- 18 months

18 months since I started my clinical librarian role.

18 months of using my brain, being challenged, and rising to the challenge.

18 months of feeling welcomed, valued, and useful.

18 months of literature searches, critical appraisal, and journal clubs.

18 months of long commutes, travel mugs, and crumbs in the car.

18 months of learning new terminology, understanding how the NHS works, and writing things down to look up later.

18 months of developing confidence in my abilities, lightbulb moments, and rehearsing presentations in the car.

18 months (well 12 actually) of reading groups, books I’d never have read otherwise, and in-depth discussions.

18 months of colleagues saying good morning, and have a safe journey, and how are you.

18 months of CILIP chartership, and CPD, and librarians’ journal clubs.

18 months of networking, and sharing ideas, and collaboration.

18 months of introducing myself, and explaining what a clinical librarian does, and smiling- lots.

18 months of ideas, and opinions, and thank yous.

18 months as a clinical librarian have flown by, and I still love it.