Bring and Buy Plant Stall

The 25th July saw the Library’s bring and buy plant stall with all proceeds going to the hospital’s gardens. 
 It all started when another health library in our consortium put a request in for all of our four gardening books.  Querying this as it was unusual, I checked with them in case it was in error.  The library in question said no error, it was for a plant stall they have held for a couple of years in aid of wildlife charities. 
I thought it was a great idea and being green fingered myself it would be nice to be involved in something the same.  The money could go towards the gardens at the GEH.
Conferring with Deb our other green fingered colleague who also thought it was a good idea, the wheels were set in motion.
Posters and flyers were made and scattered about.  Plants from our gardens were potted up ready.  Seeds were gathered and put in packets. Donations were also made from Deb’s friend, Sam in GETEC and a local couple to Sam’s neighbourhood who brough it a few money plants.  These were huge specimens and each one went to a new home.  There were also houseplants donated by one our young doctors, including small cuttings which came home with me and have nice new pots.
All in all the stall was a success and £117 was raised.
We would like to thank everyone who donated and bought the plants and seeds. 

Bev Wright
Snr Library Assistant