Team Insights training

For the first time on Thursday 8th June, the joint Knowledge and Library Service met for training together at the Eliot Park Innovation Centre. It was very useful for our whole team to meet, as we are normally based on two sites.

We had booked Sarah Newton to facilitate Insights Training.

Having completed a questionnaire in advance, we were given our personal profiles. I came out as cool blue, the strength of which is rational thinking. Potential negative aspects I need to be aware of include appearing cold and reserved. My antitype is sunshine yellow, and so I need to be aware that I may find people with this type hard to deal with – something to watch.

The rest of the team were mainly cool blue, some earth greens, and one sunshine yellow. Fiery red was not represented (although people had it as a secondary characteristic) and so we need to watch that aspect of getting things done.

The tricky part is working out what group someone is and tailoring communications accordingly – detail for blues, direct for red, etc.

Stephen Ayre, Knowledge and Library Services Lead